Hi, I'm Ayush.

I'm a freshman studying Computer Science at University of Southern California. I am also working as an Associate Software Engineer for a data science company called Falkonry, where I'm working with new technologies to help solve industrial level problems involving time-series data. Previously, when I was interning at Falkonry, I found a method to isolate early warning signals from electroencephalography data of epilepsy patients.

Before working for Falkonry, I had co-founded Drones-Dash, a drone delivery company which employed computer vision techniques to authenticate users from over 200 feet in the air. During my time there, I had created the core drone software platform and managed the hardware development of our custom drones.

When I'm not working/studying, I'm usually flying drones or tinkering with things. I like attending hackathons and other competitive programming competitions and collaborating with different people.

I'm always working on something new - if you want to stay up to date on all my latest projects, follow me on Github and connect with me on LinkedIn.